You know that feeling when you’ve just wrapped up a big event, like our recent Boss Talk and you’re already anticipating the next big thing? That intriguing mix of excitement and anxiety? Yeah, we’ve all been there. This episode is all about embracing those intertwined emotions, not trying to mute one or favor the other, […]


September 18, 2023

Understanding and owning your mixed emotions

Trust your emotions – they are your guide! 👏 I know it’s easy to dismiss how you’re feeling or excuse your emotions but they are here to guide your decisions and help you follow your truth. I’m so grateful I let our emotions guide our choice to adopt our dog Polly two years ago today […]

Confidence, Live

May 22, 2023

[LIVE] Trust what your emotions are telling you

EP. 1

What is confidence? Where can I find some?

The scoop on where I lost my confidence.

ep. 3

When you're feeling like you're not enough.

EP. 45

[LIVE] You are enough. You are doing enough.

EP. 76

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